Electronics vs micro-electronics?

Some people ask us: “what is the difference between electronics and micro-electronics?” Let’s examine one of our latest projects: an embedded system for neurosignal acquisition. With this tool, scientists can explore the fascinating building blocks of our brain: neurons.

Our customer develops an experimental custom neural probe and requires a test setup to interface to the chip and to analyse real-time the signals captured by the ASIC.

The customer requirements are:

  • ultra small design, large scale integration
  • low power (battery powered)
  • high-speed data interface to the PC
  • on-board embedded processing

We implement the test setup first time right, in a time span of only 3 months. The major characteristics of the design are:

  • full design on only 20mm x 17mm
  • FPGA for local processing
  • USB chipset for 420Mbit/s upstream data to PC
  • power optimized design