Portable sensor readout and diagnostics

Our partner Metreco has launched their new wireless sensor platform system. The mobile measurement platform combines a wireless handheld receiver with flexible wireless sensor units. The system integrates a high-tech portable electronic system design in a ergonomic and stylish enclosure.

The sensor units are permanently installed in the system.

The handheld readout unit enables ‘drive-by’ readout of all sensors in the installation.

We co-designed the electronic hardware together with Metreco. The design has the following features:

  • low noise, high density PCB design
  • capacitive touch screen implementation
  • ARM based central processing
  • USB interface, no drivers necessary
  • wireless communication between the sensors and the handheld
  • lithium-polymer battery design with charger
  • low power hardware and firmware modes
  • data storage
  • encryption
  • GUI for easy navigation