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Cloud-based server app

For our technology partner EcoNation, we have developed a cloud based server application for Lightcatcher data communication and database storage. This server application allows: to monitor the data from each Lightcatcher (lux values, position, battery voltage, temperature, humidity,…) to store the data in a secured database to modify the “Artificial Light control” parameters remotely The […]

Econation: 2nd at World Energy Summit

Our technology partner Econation won the 2nd price at the Zayed Future Energy Prize, which was held at the World Future Energy Summit. A worldwide recognition for a green, intelligent and innovative product, the Econation Lightcatcher. More details here: http://www.standaard.be/artikel/detail.aspx?artikelid=DMF20130116_073 Congratulations!

LightCatcher: revolutionary & green

Quicksand is technology subcontracter for EcoNation, an innovative company who invented the LightCatcher. The LightCatcher is a compact, intelligent light dome with real-time daylight monitoring and control. This smart green product is rapidly penetrating the light market as there are quite some cost savings involved. What makes the LightCatcher a winner? cost savings: replace large […]