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Sigfox rolls out in Belgium!

Great news: the long-range and ultra low-power wireless network technology Sigfox will be deployed in Belgium over the coming months. Based on our experience with the smart valve we’re ready to develop new and exciting applications that use this technology. The robust wireless link and the low power consumption offered by Sigfox enables a myriad […]

Embracelet smart wearable

Over the last months we developed the first and second hardware prototypes of the Embracelet smart bracelet. This is a wearable communication device that intends to connect elderly with their relatives. In case of an emergency alerts can be generated (manually or automatically) and voice calls can be set up to assess the level of emergency. […]

Sigfox-enabled smart valve

Introducing another innovative project for which we developed the electronics: the smart valve. A smart water meter developed in cooperation with Hydroko. The device has the following features: ultra-long lifetime of 16 years on a single battery communicates bidirectionally over the Sigfox network daily meter reading available to the water company and the end user […]

Bloom hits the news

Our customer Bloom for who we developed a medical portable proof-of-concept system hits the news with the launch of their first product.