Sigfox-enabled smart valve

Introducing another innovative project for which we developed the electronics: the smart valve. A smart water meter developed in cooperation with Hydroko.

The device has the following features:

  • ultra-long lifetime of 16 years on a single battery
  • communicates bidirectionally over the Sigfox network
  • daily meter reading available to the water company and the end user to get better insight in the water consumption
  • the valve can be closed from remote in case a burst pipe or leak is detected to avoid water damage

We have developed the electronics for this device that combines all our core competencies: it is ultra-low power, and communicates over an innovative long-range wireless network solution provided by Sigfox.

Working closely together with Sigfox, we were the first company to develop a commercial application that communicates bidirectionally over the Sigfox network.

For more information please refer to the Hydroko website and the product flyer.